SEO – Be Found

Whether you know it or not, your customers are looking for you online. Last year on Google alone, there were 2.3 million searches per second. That represents a lot of opportunity for you to show up in front of your customers, but only if you set your site up to take advantage of all that search volume.

By using our analysis tool, you’ll get a clear picture about how likely you are to be found, with your free report showing you where you should make improvements. Using this feedback, you’ll have a better idea how to boost your Be Found score. A higher score means you’ll rank higher when your future customers start searching.

SEO – Brand Position

Once a customer has found you, they will look at how your brand is positioned to see if it aligns with their value expectations. A consistent message across all customer touch points will help reassure them that your product or service is right for them.

If they can relate to your brand and your message resonates with them, you’ll appear credible and you’ll stand out from the crowd. This is can be a little hard to define, but not with a report from our analysis tool. It’ll describe exactly how to optimise your Brand Position.

SEO – Customer Appeal

Customer appeal is about taking the other Pillars and adding a little bit extra to spice up your offering. Show your customers what they’re going to get if they choose to do business with you by using images and providing social proof in the form of active social media accounts.

When you create the appeal, you take the anxiety out of the purchase and that’s one step closer to converting your customers. The great thing is you don’t even have to be creative about it, just use our free analysis tool to see what you’re currently missing.